Facial rejuvenation in the modern context of Plastic Surgery should be performed in a multi-layered approach, looking at the superficial, middle and deep face. Thus, for a comprehensive treatment of facial beauty, it is essential to use techniques that work specifically in each one of these structures.

Thus, we have as options for the treatment of the most superficial layer of the face,  the skin, the Resurfacing with Co2 Fractional Laser and peels of various kinds. These treatments improves the appearance of skin, lightening spots, removing the fine wrinkles and scars, and improving the skin texture by stimulating the collagen production. As a complement, we still use botulinum toxin to ease wrinkles and change facial expressions.

Still focused on the treatment of skin, we have the facelift (facial surgery) which remove this skin excess, leaving strategically positioned and little visible scars.

With focus set to the middle layer we have the volume replacement with fat grafts or with hyaluronic acid, to be used in order to restore the volume of eyelid regions, facial furrows, lips, and malar region. We can also make use of liposuction in certain areas that have volume excess, such as the jaw and neck (double chin).

As a treatment for the deep regions, we have muscle plications performed during facelift, which improves the tone and restore facial volume, repositioning the structures that over time have suffered a decline in their original positions.

In the context of integral beauty, we usually improve the nasal and the eyelids appearance, which also suffer the inexorable action of time.

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