Mammary Augmentation

The enlargement of breasts with silicone implants, in conjunction with liposuction surgery, is most often performed in Brazil. In the latest survey, accounted for 21% of all cosmetic plastic surgeries performed. It is a safe operation, performed in less than 1 hour, in a hospital facility, under local anesthesia with sedation, where the patient is discharged after about 4 hours, with little postoperative discomfort.

Usually is possible to resume normal activities within 4-7 days, needing a little more time to resume physical activities.

The choice of the proper size of the implant to be used undergoes a large discussion between the patient and the plastic surgeon, in order to reach a consensus between the desire to the technical possibilities. Currently, we use many prothesis sizers with different shapes and volumes, which facilitates the choice of the size and position of the implant.

Furthermore, the volume of the implant is only one of the parameters used to obtain the desired result and should be combined with the position of the implant (retro-glandular, retro-muscular or dual plane), the access route (throught where the implant is placed – inframammary crease, areola or armpit), the profile of the implant (moderate, high or super high) and the need for treatment of excess skin or ptosis (fall) of the breast.

In our practice, we use only Mentor implants (Johnson & Johnson), which are released for use in the USA by the FDA for over 10 years.

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