Body Contour

The body contour plastic surgeries are aimed at correcting skin flaccidity and eliminating localized fat. There are several types of plastic body surgery, such as abdominoplasty, liposuction, gluteoplasty, among others.

Facial Procedures

Facial plastic surgeries can have different goals, among them facial rejuvenation and facial remodeling. There are several types of facial plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, rhytidoplasty (lifiting facial), among others.

Mammary Procedures

Plastic breast surgeries with silicone prostheses may have goals such as changing the shape and/or size of the breasts. There are several types of breast plastic surgery, such as augmentation mammoplasty, reduction mammoplasty, mastopexy, among others.

Aesthetic Procedures

Non-surgical procedures performed at the office that offer almost instant rejuvenation, without incisions need . Among them, we have facial filling with hialuronic acid, botulinum toxin, fractional Co2 laser, among others.