Procedure performed to correct the breast enlargement that persists after adolescence in men.

After been excluded the hormonal causes for this problem, we need to identify whether this increase is due to the a fat or mammary gland increase, because we can perform this treatment with liposuction,  resection of the gland excess or both.

In specific cases, we proceed to the excision of skin excess to achieve better results. The resulting scars can be circular around the areola, or even inverted T-shaped in severe cases.

It is performed under general or epidural anaesthesia with sedation, eliminating the need of prolonged hospital stays. Generally the patient remains in the recovery room for 6 to 8 hours, and then is discharged.

Usually the recovery is fast, with little pain in the first three days after surgery,  which is controlled with appropriate medications. The patient can resume normal activities in about 7 days, but to exercise a longer period is needed.

We use a compressive garment for 30 days after surgery in order to speed recovery. Lymphatic drainage are recommended, usually starting on the fourth day after surgery.

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