Extended Blepharoplasty

Procedure indicated to patients with skin excess in the lower eyelid and little volume in malar region, with sunken eyes, in which the excess of fat pockets on the eyelid is repositioned in order to fill this lack of volume,  easing the eye-malar transition.

Thus, there is a partial suspension of the midface, while the skin excess of the lower eyelid is removed.

It may be associated with upper blepharoplasty and the suspension of eyebrows, which provides a comprehensive rejuvenation of the upper third of the face.

It is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation, eliminating the need of prolonged hospital stays. Usually the patient remains in the recovery room for four hours and then is discharged.

Usually the recovery is quick, with the edema (swelling) located in the region of the eye and cheekbone. The patient can resume normal activities in about 7 days, but to exercises a longer period is needed.

No need for the use of dressings, either drains.

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