Gluteal Fat Graft

Procedure almost always performed as a complement to liposuction in the dorsal flanks (“love handle”) and posterior thighs as well as to correct subcutaneous gluteal irregularities (depressions and cellulite).

Allows a finer adjustment of the gluteal surface, also used in addition to the buttocks implant.

Liposculpture allows us to model the body of the patient, as it removes the excess fat in the outer thighs, flanks and high back, and is placed inside the gluteos maximus after the appropriate  preparation. The fat with this treatment has an absorption of approximately 30% in the long run, and from all the fat placed in the buttocks, 70% will remain in the long term. We must always remember that this fat is a living tissue, which increases if we get weight and decreases if we loose too. The procedure is performed in a hospital, under general and epidural anesthesia, and the patient is released to go home ou hotel after 4 to 6 hours from the recovery room.

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