Neck Lift

Procedure performed alone or in combination with Rhytidoplasty for the treatment of the neck. It is usually performed a combination of techniques to define this region, according to the alterations present in each case.

We use liposuction to remove excess fat,  suture of the neck muscles to treat muscle weakness and skin resection when it is in excess. The scar can be below the chin or in the back of the ear, depending on the case.

It is performed under general anesthesia or sedation, eliminating prolonged hospital stays. Generally the patient remains in the recovery room for 6 to 8 hours, and then is released to go home.

Usually the recovery is fast, with little edema (swelling) and located only in the areas of the neck. The patient can resume normal activities in about 7 days, but to exercise a longer period is needed.

It is not necessary to use dressings, except for the first 24 hours, as well as is not necessary the use of drains.

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