CO2 Fractional Laser

Procedure performed in the office with topical and or local anaesthesia in order to perform a facial rejuvenation with no incisions. The laser promotes the removal of the most superficial skin layer (epidermis) and stimulates collagen located in the deep layer (dermis), resulting in a contraction of facial tissues.

Thus, it is possible to mitigate the static wrinkles (the ones that are always present, not caused by facial movement) of the entire face, and improve the texture of facial skin. Great for improving the so-called “crow’s feet” (periorbital wrinkles), the “Chinese mustache” (naso-genial groove) and the “barcode” (perioral wrinkles).

The recovery period is variable according to the intensity used, usually coursing with three days of facial redness (hyperemia)

It should be emphasized that with this technology it is possible to perform fine adjustments, balancing the intensity of the procedure according to the time that the patient has to recover, as well as the desired result. Thus, the more intense the session, the better the result, but with longer recovery time.

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