Procedure aimed at excising the skin excess of the upper and lower eyelids, as well as to remove or relocate the present fat pockets.

We can also associate techniques to modify the eye shape, making them with an almond shape and youthful appearance.

Often held in association with the suspension of eyebrows, both endoscopically and open. Performed under local anesthesia and sedation, the patient stays 4 hours in the recovery room after the procedure and them is released. Usually has mild edema (swelling) in early postoperative period, with bruises (purple) in about 20% of cases. The patient can resume daily activities on the third day after surgery, being necessary to wait a little longer for the exercises. We recommend to use cold compresses in the early postoperative to speed recovery.

It can be associated with extended lower blepharoplasty procedure in patients with excess skin in the lower eyelid and little volume in malar region, in which the excess of fat pockets on the eyelid are repositioned to fill volumetrically this lack.

Thus, there is a partial suspension of the midface, rejuvenating the face, while the excess skin of the lower lid is removed.

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