Gluteal Prothesis – Gluteoplasty

Placed on intra-muscular plane, allows large increases in the volume of the buttocks, allowing, according to the orientation of the prothesis, that we model the final shape of the region. This shape can also be changed by complementary fat graft.

It also allows the gluteus increase for patients who do not have body fat to be lipoaspirated and grafted in the form of fat grafting.

This technique does not usually presents a lot of pain after surgery, and can return to work in about 10 days.

The gluteal prosthesis is avaiable in several dimensions, being placed on intra-gluteal plan, ie, within the gluteus maximum-muscle. It features natural results when chosen in proportional size.

It is a  procedure held under general or epidural anesthesia with sedation and the patient must remain in the recovery room for about 4 to 6 hours.

After surgery, we must maintain a relative rest,  without sitting and sleeping with pressure on the butt. Besides, physical exercise using the gluteus is banned for 3 months (until complete healing).

We should pay attention that some exercises should be avoided after placement of the prosthesis, such as the leg press, for exerting too much force on the buttocks.

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